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April 17th

I went on a drive today to take pictures and Erin tagged along as my assistant. She did a great job holding the umbrella over my camera when it started raining. We drove to the outskirts of Norman and ended up close to where we were when we took our random drive last month.


March 15th

I drove back to Tulsa tonight. I got a little tired while driving down the boring Turnpike so I stopped at Midway and got a bottle of 5-Hour Energy. I knew I had a lot to do when I got back to Tulsa so I thought I would need it. I had to shoot more roller derby pictures in Oklahoma City and didn’t end up leaving Norman until around 11pm.

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March 11th

I woke up this morning and I could breathe through my nose! I was so excited. Especially since it was totally unexpected. I had a terrible night’s sleep. I woke up every couple hours and would toss and turn to get back to sleep. Well, since I didn’t have class today, it was so beautiful outside, and I no longer felt like I was dying, I decided it was the perfect day for a drive. Continue reading

February 25th

Have you ever woken up from a dead sleep with a gasp and the thought that you were late for something but you didn’t have anywhere to be? That happened to me tonight but, I was late for something. I woke up 30 minutes after I was supposed to meet my family for dinner, in Tulsa, 2 hours away. A second later my roommate came in my room to see if I was alive because my other roommate got a call from my sister wondering where I was. Continue reading

February 8th

I bet you can all guess why I took a picture of a red, plastic container. If you can’t guess, it’s because I ran out of gas today and had the pleasure of walking to the gas station and purchasing it. My gas gauge is broken so I have no idea when my tank is almost empty. I usually go by the mileage. According to the numbers I still could have gone at least 20 more miles. Well, I was wrong. For the past week I’ve been thinking I should just get gas because it’s been a while but I would look at my mileage and think “eh, it can wait.” Continue reading

February 2nd

Here’s a little abstract photography for you today. I took this picture while driving to work. It probably wasn’t the safest move but it’s not like I was looking through the viewfinder while I was driving. I set my camera on the dashboard and hit the shutter release when i saw lights coming up that I thought would make interesting lines. As you can tell from the very jagged lines that the camera and my car didn’t have such a smooth ride. I think it looks more interesting that way.

If it makes you feel better about my driving I only did it in the neighborhood and there weren’t many other cars or things to hit. I don’t know if that helps settle anyone’s mind.

January 12th

Today, the birth-date of John Hancock, Rush Limbaugh, and Rob Zombie, the 12th day of the year 2010, I was pulled over for the first time. I know it’s horrible. It has been revealed that I am not invincible, not that anyone thought I was. I was caught going 83 on the turnpike on my way to Norman. The speed limit was 75. I was going 8 mph over the limit, shame on me. Continue reading