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May 1st

I had friends over tonight as a final hurrah for the year. So many people came, it was crazy fun. Crazy but tame fun. I was most excited about my photo friends coming. I know I’ve said it before but really, I freaking love these people. I am going to miss them so crazy much. They all have amazing personalities and we always have fun together whether it’s at a party, over night in the digital lab, or in class. Continue reading


April 13th

For my Capstone project I am including portraits and have found some eager and some not so willing models. I put a cry for volunteers on my Facebook status. Kelley volunteered right away. I’ve known Kelley since 1st grade and we only see each other from time to time. I was surprised that she was so willing to participate. Continue reading

March 7th

It’s study time in the library. I’m studying with one of my best friends, Caroline, who is always in the library. I usually see her while I’m at work when she’s on her way to study for one of her ridiculously hard science classes. I have a test tomorrow and don’t own the book so I have to use the library’s copy. I sent Caroline a text to see if she was here and of course she was. I hadn’t seen her in a while so I distracted her for a significant amount of time when I got here. Continue reading

February 21st

Continue reading

February 9th

My room is incredibly clean. This picture doesn’t exactly show how clean it is but I love this part of my room. There is so much going on! My shelves are full and I have pictures everywhere. I love it. I like my room to be busy. I like to have tons of color on the wall. It makes me happy. Not everything has to match. Continue reading

January 24th

One of my favorite things about being in college is having roommates. I know there are quite a few people, if not the majority, who can’t stand having roommates, but I love it. Sure, there are times I want some alone time but that’s kinda rare. The best part of having roommates is there’s always someone around. I have 3 roommates and it’s weird if there’s not at least one other person home. I like having late night talks about nothing in particular. Continue reading