Did you ever think this day would come? If you are one of the few people who kept checking in in hopes that I had finally posted something, you probably got a little tired of seeing Cody every time. But at least he’s greeting you welcomingly. Or have you forgotten about me completely? That would be totally understandable, it has been over 9 months!! Wow. Maybe a better question would be: Did I forget about the blog completely? The answer to that is, absolutely not. It’s always right there in the back of my mind. The thought just sits there to make me feel guilty, which is totally deserved. I stopped posting because as my semester came closer to the end the reality of being enrolled in 21 hours finally hit and I was constantly in panic and work mode.

Well, I survived and am now here to fill you in on what I have been up to. I’ve taken so long to update because I got so wrapped up in the fact that I failed the 365 goal and it would be impossible to go back and recap everyday. Then I got over that and moved to Wyoming with limited internet and thought it would be a big undertaking to catch everyone up to speed. Then I took a road trip and saw lots of awesome things but still didn’t update because I felt I had to make a post about Wyoming before I could say anything about the road trip. Then i moved back home and had stuff to say but couldn’t because I still had to post about Wyoming and the road trip. Do you see a pattern? So I’m going to try to catch up before anything else gets in line.

I’ll give you a brief update of the past few months and you can check back tomorrow for a more detailed post. Well, here goes. I:

  • Moved out of my house in Norman (so sad)
  • Flew to Wyoming to be a housekeeper at a guest ranch for four months
  • Took a road trip from the south of Wyoming to Seattle, down the coast, to the Grand Canyon and back to Tulsa
  • Moved back into my parents’ house and started the unsuccessful job hunt

So that’s that and I will get back into this thing. Check back tomorrow!

O yea, Happy Valentine’s Day too!