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April 3rd

I came to Tulsa for Easter weekend and got to celebrate Erin’s birthday. A few of her friends arranged a surprise birthday dinner for her a week early. We ate at El Tequila on Harvard and ended up going to El Guapo’s Cantina in downtown Tulsa. Continue reading


March 27th

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a lot of fun. To celebrate, we invited people over to hangout. At first just a few people from class came by. About half an hour later people just kept coming. Every time I turned around there was someone else there to say hi to. It was awesome! Continue reading

March 26th

It’s my birthday! I’m 23, and to celebrate I went to The Mont to have a Swirl. They are amazing. It’s a swirl of frozen sangria and frozen margarita. I always save the swizzle sticks from them and people think I’m a pack rat for it. I only have maybe ten. Well, I’ve had an amazing day. I went to the Mont, like I said, for a swirl and queso. Continue reading

March 25th

Today is the eve of my 23rd birthday! Tomorrow is going to be a day of fun and to prepare, Erin made cupcakes! It’s been pretty tough not to eat them while they’ve been sitting in the kitchen all day. They’ve been covered with two big bowls so they haven’t been completely taunting but I still know they are there. I can’t eat them till tomorrow night, when we have people over. She’s going to make a batch of chocolate cupcakes too but hasn’t yet because we ran out of eggs. Continue reading