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March 23rd

Today was a great day. My afternoon class was designated as a work day so I thought I would use the time to shoot a roll of film. About a week before Spring Break we had a beautiful day so I rode my bike to campus and ended up getting a ride home after class. That’s when the weather got all annoying and cold and I never found the time to walk to campus to get my poor bike sitting outside being exposed to the elements. Continue reading


January 22nd

I got a little crazy on today’s picture, thought I’d try something different. Well, the story is, I went to the Fine Arts Library today to do some research/brainstorming because I didn’t have class. Continue reading

January 18th

The weather was so amazing today! I decided to take my bike out for the first ride of 2010. Can I just tell you how much I love my bike? Its name is Hercules which is not original at all because that’s the name of the model. Anywho, I rode my bike to campus and just rode around. I did a few passes by the South Oval and did a few big circles in parking lots. I finally ended up north of the stadium and just laid on a bench and looked at the bright blue sky to enjoy my last day of calm before the semester begins tomorrow.