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April 18th

I did some photos tonight with long exposures. The movement in this shot is very subtle but I like that about it. I stood just outside the closed door for a few seconds and then opened it. Continue reading


March 3rd

We had a productive day in Studio Photography today. We broke into groups and our teacher gave us little tasks to do with the lighting kits. We had to take pictures outside, using the flash as a fill light and take pictures inside to make it look like our model was sitting by a window on a cloudy day or an overcast day. Continue reading

January 24th

One of my favorite things about being in college is having roommates. I know there are quite a few people, if not the majority, who can’t stand having roommates, but I love it. Sure, there are times I want some alone time but that’s kinda rare. The best part of having roommates is there’s always someone around. I have 3 roommates and it’s weird if there’s not at least one other person home. I like having late night talks about nothing in particular. Continue reading