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April 6th

Check out the excitement of my day, the library. I prefer to call it The Biz instead of Bizzell Library just because it seems just slightly more exciting.I am in the middle of an incredibly stressful week. I have so much to do and not nearly enough time to do it. Continue reading


March 28th

I worked seven and a half hours today. I sometimes say I can’t stand my job, I don’t really know why I do that. I mean, yea, it’s boring but it’s really not all that bad. Sometimes patrons come in and yell at me. Sometimes students come in and talk down to me. For the most part, though, people are really friendly and make my job fun. When I first started at Bizzell in 2007 I was so nervous to have to talk to the patrons. Continue reading

March 7th

It’s study time in the library. I’m studying with one of my best friends, Caroline, who is always in the library. I usually see her while I’m at work when she’s on her way to study for one of her ridiculously hard science classes. I have a test tomorrow and don’t own the book so I have to use the library’s copy. I sent Caroline a text to see if she was here and of course she was. I hadn’t seen her in a while so I distracted her for a significant amount of time when I got here. Continue reading

February 23rd

I went to the Fine Arts Library on campus for a couple hours before work today to do a little brainstorming and research. Continue reading

February 19th

Bizzell Elevators

February 5th

The Sun came out today!! The weather has been so depressing. It has been so cold and gloomy. The snow is finally melting and there are shadows. SHADOWS! I haven’t seen a clearly defined shadow in what seems like weeks. It seemed only appropriate to take a picture of the library since I would be spending the next 8 hours there, during prime sunny time.

February 4th

Well, today I had to improvise a bit. I’ve been on campus all day. I had class at 9:30 and I haven’t gone home since. One of the girls I work with had a dress rehearsal for a musical she is in and needed someone to take her shift. A week and a half ago I thought “eh no big deal, it’s the shift right before mine and I don’t have anything else to do.” O my, stupid me. I got to work at 4 and I don’t get off until midnight. That’s a long time to be in the same place. Continue reading

January 26th

O the library. I’ve been working at the university library now for almost 3 years. At the end of every shift I scan all the books that are turned in. We call it discharging. I sit at a computer behind a partition and scan every single book. After I scan the books I stamp all of them with the current date. After I scan and stamp we have to sort them to be ready to be shelved. Continue reading

January 22nd

I got a little crazy on today’s picture, thought I’d try something different. Well, the story is, I went to the Fine Arts Library today to do some research/brainstorming because I didn’t have class. Continue reading